Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine

Hubby had to work again this year.... :(
We leave each other cards though and his always make me all warm inside (he doesn't make 'em but he sure knows how to pick 'em! LOL)
This year I didn't do the typical hearts and red/pinks...
We've been married for 16.5 years now and I can honestly say they've all been amazing. I've been so blessed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Megan's turning 14

How did that happen!? 14 years old? Still amazes me to think it. 14. 14. 14. I think I'll have to keep saying that until it sinks in.
She loves to cook, bake, bless & create. She's also pretty excited to think she can get her learner's license (this freaks me out!)....
the adventure continues!
Megan loves to bake. She will bake for anyone or anything! She loves to take baked goodies to her friends, Daddy's workers, her Sunday School class... so it didn't surprise me when she asked for a cupcake decorating party. And, as you can tell from yesterday's post, it's not just your everyday iced cupcake! So it will be very fun!! She's picked out some spectacular ones! I can't wait to see them all made up.
She sat with me one afternoon and we began to stamp and cut - she had a LOT of cupcakes to cut out! hahah!
Here's her final card - I think she did a pretty sweet job if I do say so myself. *wink*

Monday, February 14, 2011

A birthday gift

Well I haven't posted in awhile here, but it has been busy! From birthday invites, to my birthday to Valentine's day.... there's much to share :)
My daughter Megan made me the most amazing birthday "cake". She is *so* creative! She snuck into my supplies and found green cardstock and cut out stems and leaves and created this amazing "cake". Isn't it beautiful?! Love.
She individually cut mini marshmallows on the diagonal, and dipped them into color sugar (that she colored herself with dyes). I loved it, such a fantastic gift!
It was a busy weekend as she snuck around making these and we sat together and made her birthday invitations together (ours birthdays are a week apart).... I'll share those with you tomorrow.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Project For Life..... Week 3

OK..... here's week 3 (I may just be on a roll!!)
This week we went to the farm which is my son's favorite place on earth. Seriously. He wants to move there! He told me the other day he finally figured out what he was saving his money for.... A COMBINE!
So cute!
I'm not sure if clicking on the photos helps to view them any better. Once we're in a different time of year I'll be able to get NATURAL light and hopefully the photos will turn out MUCH better. Right now I'm just trying to take pics without a glare and they are pretty lame. HOWEVER, the book looks spectacular and I know it's something we're going to treasure. I already see the kids coming by and flipping through. My youngest girl sat today and drew a 'dolphin' and said, "Here Mom, you can put my art in your book." *sigh* Of course I will! :)
There is always SO much going on at the farm that to put it down into a few photos for the week was proving IMPOSSIBLE. My son cannot get enough of the horses and DH's cousin is AMAZING. Always showing Joshua and teaching him along the way - horses. So there were many photos I wanted to share. So I went down to Walmart and used one of those Kodak Kiosk machines (my printer refuses to cooperate with me) and used the COLLAGE feature and printed out 4 wallet sized photos per 4x6 page. LOVE that! I made everything SEPIA to keep it neutral. I really like how it turned out. I added a little Maya Road Trees Chipboard as well using Basic Grey design papers to cover.
This is an 8.5x11 page (it's been a long time since I've scrapped that size!) and I'll add a bunch of journalling on the back... just haven't had time to write that up yet.

This last photo is the worst (camera died immediately after taking it... and yes I was too lazy to charge and reshoot)
OK - the house is quiet.... time to get on with week 4 :)

Saturday, February 05, 2011


There's a great draw going on right now at Paper Trey Ink and one way to enter is to link a card or project made using their product. Click HERE to see the post using this card. Oh how I love PTI products!! :)

Project For Life (PFL) WEEK TWO

Week Two....
Project for Life
A closer look - with poor lighting.... :(
A busy day, but thought I'd get this posted as I've got week #3 done and hope to post soon :)
woot! woot!