Friday, November 12, 2010

Quadding in Arizona

Nothing beats quadding in the heat! OK, not too hot (gets stuffy in those helmets!)
Another LO to share - woot! woot!
I'm starting my Christmas cards now so once those are done, I hope to get scrappin' again!
2-page spread
A little close-up
I used a Karen Foster Kit for putting this together and a few embellies I had kicking around.. USING up stuff!! NO MORE HOARDING. :)
I'm having troubles with my printer right now. Bums me out. I know it's CHEAPER to get photos printed at a local print place, but I do like the convenience and smaller sizes I can get off my printer. PLUS, I'm really hoping to do a December Daily album and will need my printer for that. I shall continue to try and figure it out.
Stay tuned.... :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

12 weeks this week

Hard to believe 12 weeks have nearly passed.
We are so blessed.
He is cooing, smiling, giggling, & playing... so precious.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

A little at a time....

It's working! {insert big smiles here!!} I'm leaving my scrapbooking stuff out and as I wander by I catch 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there to quickly add this or that. Of course that has forced a bit of homeschooling upstairs, but I can live with that :)
Pages take me longer to do as I don't have big chunks of time, but I am so enjoying the time I am getting between the schooling, laundry, cleaning, meal preparing... well you know!
This is a page from last summer - photos aren't great, bad lighting in here, but I wanted to snap a shot before I put them in the album.
I used a SU scrapbooking kit which helped pull things together (and speed things up), a bunch of letters (as I went through ALL my stickers & rub-ons I found quite a variety!), some new chipboard from Maya Road (aren't those little trees darling?!) ... I was so pleased to get my second spread done - feels good to be on my way.
I got 100+ photos from Walmart and just went through them tonight. SO disappointed, the quality is the pitts. Total waste of $20 plus bucks. Live and learn. I think I will try out shutterfly or another online service next time. For now (as I don't want to break the roll I'm on) I'll try printing a few must haves on the computer and fishing out a few I can save from the pile (ones that we don't all look like we've been smothering ourselves with fake tanning creams!)
I need to start thinking of Christmas cards too! I have a little idea in my head, but my goal is to USE what I HAVE so we'll have to see if I can generate something with supplies I have on-hand. I know it's sort of a lost tradition - sending "real" cards in the mail. I do wonder if people realize we still have postal services and not just e-service :) But I am determined to keep those paper hugs flowing... and I love doing it!
I hope you're finding time in the business of life to create - it sure refreshes me!

Monday, November 01, 2010

15 minutes here and there = SCRAPBOOK TIME!

I did. I finally did it!!
Seriously felt like an eternity, but so fantastic to be back!
I have lots I want to scrapbook: our big adventure, our day-to-day and of course Matthew! So I have to step back and go through photos and just work my way back into it :)
Just ordered over a 100 photos from Walmart today so soon I'll be all set - I even ordered some new goodies online that should be arriving this week.
Bring on the inspiration!!
This was the beginning of our big adventure last year - Lincoln City! I think you can click on the image and it will enlarge. Hopefully that works.
I kept it simple. Remember it's been over a year since I had my scrappin' hat on!
Some SU rub-ons along the sides (white & green), a few elements in the way of stickers and rubons... nothing fancy, but I've started, and boy does that feel good!