Thursday, June 24, 2010


I've been really thinking of the verse in Nehemiah 8:10 that says the joy of the Lord is my strength. I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired in this final leg of pregnancy, but I was pondering just the same. I was thinking, what does that really mean? The JOY of the Lord is MY STRENGTH. Then I got to thinking about joyful people. Aren't they just wonderful? When you are down, whether it be simply lack of sleep, stress, heartache.... isn't so refreshing to be around a joyful person? I find it so uplifting and in fact it gives me some strength. Smiles are contagious, someone else's joy being shown to me is filling. Thinking of this made me think of God in his greatness and great love for me, is such a joy! To meditate on His goodness, His mercy, His love, His joy ... how strengthening it is!
Just a little pondering today. Makes me realize too, how my joyfulness can touch those around me. How my attitude effects those around me - makes me want to exude JOY! Overflow so that those around me are being filled as well. Not always an easy task, but the joy of the Lord is always there... how sweet it is.
After getting this ball at the store, it popped very soon after we had brought it home. Huge tears and much sadness :(
We went back later in the afternoon to replace and how happy she was!
I love what $3.97 can do!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Catch-Up

I think I've shown you these cards before... what would I do without my card stash!! This month I've been so behind in everything. With our travels ending, arriving back to Alberta without a place, searching for a place, trips to Edmonton for my daughter's new braces, school wrap up, and dealing with 3rd trimester weariness.... WHEW, it's been BUSY! So when I finally sat down to do some "office" work I realized I had missed a birthday (or two.... or was it three?!) We had to get them out PRONTO so off we went to my handy-dandy Stampin' Up Craft Keeper and found a few cards that would work. Then we hunted for a birthday card for a party tomorrow and a thank-you card that needs to get sent out to Sarah's sweet friend Eden! I was so thankful that I had a good stash to choose from.
Do you keep a stash?
Paper & tag is Stampin' Up (you can see what a hoarder I am by how long ago those copper rimmed tags have been retired!)
Main image is Whipper Snapper Design and the sentiment is unknown (I'll have to hunt for it, I like it! :)) I colored the image with Copic Markers.....
This is one of my all-time favorite stamps from Penny Black. I smile every time I use it - too cute!! The Happy Birthday stamp is SU as well as the ribbons & brads.
Again I used Copic markers to color - I ♥ coloring!
I believe this stamp set is called Frolicking Frogs by Stampin' Up! One of those cute stamp sets that has lots of images to play around with and use wherever on the card. It's hard to see in this photo, but the frog was cut out (yes, looks like it was painstaking, LOL) and popped out on the card. I used a punch to create an opening where I used a rub-on - you can't stamp after you've run your base through the cuttlebug, so I had to reach for a rub-on. :)
I'm looking forward to stamping up some baby cards... need to hunt a bit for some inspiration! Send a link if you see something cute ☺!
Hope you're having a fantastic day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Aren't blessings wonderful? I love the warm fuzzy feeling when I'm blessing someone, don't you? Well last night I was showered with blessings!! My friend put on a baby shower for our little boy who's due to arrive mid August. We got some DARLING things for him. We thought we were done having babies (my baby is now nine!!) and got rid of everything but the crib! So this was an extra special gift and an amazing start! We'll be set for awhile with all these goodies!!
Just thought I'd share with you all the cuteness we received.
I even got the thank-you cards done today!
That iced latte gave me an extra boost of energy this afternoon, yay!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thinking of You.

A special friend of ours has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and the first thing hubby said to me was, "you need to make a card". I love how paper crafts allow me to feel like I'm doing something. At these times it's hard to know what to do or say, but being able to send out a paper hug along with a reminder of our daily prayers, allows us to add some blessing to their day.
Everything here is SU product except for the cuttlebug impression plate (so loved having that again!!) swiss dots, the added string of bling and the sentiment by PTI. It's hard to tell, but the stamped flowers (punched out using the tag punch) are also raised using foam dots. :)
Trust you had a fantastic weekend, and are prepared for a superb week!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day.

Father's Day weekend - ♥
I love to celebrate what an amazing Daddy, David (DH) is. His kids adore him which to me says everything. If my teenage daughter works her time with friend's around when her Daddy is going to be home... wow! If Daddy is home, then she's home! I love that.
I was listening to a radio station online that we usually have going on the computer (K-Love) and they had a challenge to choose 7 works that describe your dad. I was thinking about this for David and thought - Godly, Generous, Hard-Working, Wise, Honest, Gracious, Loving..... and I thought HOW DO I STOP AT 7?! *sigh* ☺
I have been so blessed with an amazing hubby who in turn has blessed his children in being an amazing Daddy!
So... amongst the boxes, clutter & mess, I pushed aside to make a little space to create a little Father's Day card for him. It felt FANTASTIC to be stamping again - woohoo! Seems to fill the soul when one can create - in whatever space!
This card is from his 3 little monkeys (and I wished I had a little monkey stamp to stamp in #4 who's growing like crazy in my belly!) The kids loved the card and were all excited to write their words of love inside. Precious.
I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow as you celebrate the Father(s) in your life.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Box, Two Box, Three Box, MORE!

As we begin to unload the storage unit, I am reminded again at how much I dislike mice. I'm thinking there MUST be a use for them OTHER than getting into our stuff and reeking havoc! ICK. Guess they felt places like hockey skates (still don't know how they got INTO the hockey bag!), a wooden potato bin, and my vacuum were perfect spots to settle and create a home for the winter - argh! I try to think of the positives and they didn't get my bed - so I'm good. Also no evidence in my stamping boxes. WHEW. Although I'm sure my hubby was ready to curse the stamping world as he moved box, after box, after box marked 'CRAFT ROOM'. HA! Impossible to hide everything in a move! A little stash here & there in the house seems like nothing until it's time to BOX IT UP! There's no craft 'room' in this house, but I do have a 'nook' and I'm so glad to have a spot to set up and create. In our last place I had to lug it all out onto the kitchen table each time I wanted to create, which seemed like such a nuisance and therefore didn't happen too often. I'm down in the basement here so I can leave my mess out and smile at the creative mess I've made! It's not a big space so I'll be hunting for good storage solutions - if you have one please post a comment!! Of course my husband figures I should just purge a bit - *GASP* PURGE STAMPING GOODIES? How does one do that?!!! LOL. I have come to a few conclusions as I unpack all those boxes (and have no where to put my stuff!).... a true friend will NOT ALLOW me to buy ribbon EVER again. NEVER. PERIOD. My next number of cards and projects will be flowing with ribbons! LOL. I do not need anymore rubons & stickers.... I will be using my stash before purchasing more. (I will say this to myself each time I enter a stamping/scrappin' store!) STEP AWAY FROM THE RUBONS!!! ☺
I'll have to take a photo to share with you once I'm all unpacked - I'll be awhile! BUT THEN..... oh the sweetness of inking up that stamp ON AN INK PAD (I've only had my markers that last year!)... priceless & worth all this effort. I do share my space with homeschool stuff, so trying to get all that in order too as we start our "new year" on July 1st. OH yes, and baby is due to arrive in 9 short weeks..... busy? Busy you say? Naaaah.... just livin'!

Monday, June 07, 2010

A Great Comfort.

There is no delay in Jesus' response to our cries.
He knows how to rescue us
when we are over our heads in troubled waters.
Before any difficulty reaches us,
He has already worked out the solution
for our deliverance.
He can speak to any storm and say,
"You've howled enough - now be still."
-Roy Lessin

Friday, June 04, 2010

In the midst of a move..

You'd think I'd be a pro by now; we've done lots of moving. Often within the same area, but with either a growing family, changing needs or building/selling, moving has been frequent. I'm not a pro. I still end up with boxes of unusual mixtures of items and chaos at the end. This is the first time though that we have had our stuff in storage for over a year and as we ever so slowly unload I see that I am still no pro! However, moving is a good thing. Having our stuff in storage for over a year, strangely enough... even better. We have lived the last 13 months basically with whatever we could fit in the back of our pick-up truck... and there's five of us! It is an amazing reminder on how very little we actually "need" to live. So as we unpack, my goal is to keep that in the forefront of my mind. DO I {REALLY} NEED THIS?! We're squeezing into a small space so I will be looking for creative storage ideas and purging! I welcome all tips & recommendations! LOL.
My crafting area is still fully packed, but the plan is to make a little nook for myself down in the dungeon... err .... I mean basement. The carpet is being replaced though so that will still take some patience. Hopefully it'll happen quickly though as I need to get thinking about our baby announcements! Only 10 weeks to go...