Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Box, Two Box, Three Box, MORE!

As we begin to unload the storage unit, I am reminded again at how much I dislike mice. I'm thinking there MUST be a use for them OTHER than getting into our stuff and reeking havoc! ICK. Guess they felt places like hockey skates (still don't know how they got INTO the hockey bag!), a wooden potato bin, and my vacuum were perfect spots to settle and create a home for the winter - argh! I try to think of the positives and they didn't get my bed - so I'm good. Also no evidence in my stamping boxes. WHEW. Although I'm sure my hubby was ready to curse the stamping world as he moved box, after box, after box marked 'CRAFT ROOM'. HA! Impossible to hide everything in a move! A little stash here & there in the house seems like nothing until it's time to BOX IT UP! There's no craft 'room' in this house, but I do have a 'nook' and I'm so glad to have a spot to set up and create. In our last place I had to lug it all out onto the kitchen table each time I wanted to create, which seemed like such a nuisance and therefore didn't happen too often. I'm down in the basement here so I can leave my mess out and smile at the creative mess I've made! It's not a big space so I'll be hunting for good storage solutions - if you have one please post a comment!! Of course my husband figures I should just purge a bit - *GASP* PURGE STAMPING GOODIES? How does one do that?!!! LOL. I have come to a few conclusions as I unpack all those boxes (and have no where to put my stuff!).... a true friend will NOT ALLOW me to buy ribbon EVER again. NEVER. PERIOD. My next number of cards and projects will be flowing with ribbons! LOL. I do not need anymore rubons & stickers.... I will be using my stash before purchasing more. (I will say this to myself each time I enter a stamping/scrappin' store!) STEP AWAY FROM THE RUBONS!!! ☺
I'll have to take a photo to share with you once I'm all unpacked - I'll be awhile! BUT THEN..... oh the sweetness of inking up that stamp ON AN INK PAD (I've only had my markers that last year!)... priceless & worth all this effort. I do share my space with homeschool stuff, so trying to get all that in order too as we start our "new year" on July 1st. OH yes, and baby is due to arrive in 9 short weeks..... busy? Busy you say? Naaaah.... just livin'!

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