Friday, June 04, 2010

In the midst of a move..

You'd think I'd be a pro by now; we've done lots of moving. Often within the same area, but with either a growing family, changing needs or building/selling, moving has been frequent. I'm not a pro. I still end up with boxes of unusual mixtures of items and chaos at the end. This is the first time though that we have had our stuff in storage for over a year and as we ever so slowly unload I see that I am still no pro! However, moving is a good thing. Having our stuff in storage for over a year, strangely enough... even better. We have lived the last 13 months basically with whatever we could fit in the back of our pick-up truck... and there's five of us! It is an amazing reminder on how very little we actually "need" to live. So as we unpack, my goal is to keep that in the forefront of my mind. DO I {REALLY} NEED THIS?! We're squeezing into a small space so I will be looking for creative storage ideas and purging! I welcome all tips & recommendations! LOL.
My crafting area is still fully packed, but the plan is to make a little nook for myself down in the dungeon... err .... I mean basement. The carpet is being replaced though so that will still take some patience. Hopefully it'll happen quickly though as I need to get thinking about our baby announcements! Only 10 weeks to go...

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cedargirl said...

I love the new blog colour to go with your beautiful photo banner! hope you are settled in soon. It will all be worth going through those boxes in the end! Pace yourself though (wink) :)