Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day.

Father's Day weekend - ♥
I love to celebrate what an amazing Daddy, David (DH) is. His kids adore him which to me says everything. If my teenage daughter works her time with friend's around when her Daddy is going to be home... wow! If Daddy is home, then she's home! I love that.
I was listening to a radio station online that we usually have going on the computer (K-Love) and they had a challenge to choose 7 works that describe your dad. I was thinking about this for David and thought - Godly, Generous, Hard-Working, Wise, Honest, Gracious, Loving..... and I thought HOW DO I STOP AT 7?! *sigh* ☺
I have been so blessed with an amazing hubby who in turn has blessed his children in being an amazing Daddy!
So... amongst the boxes, clutter & mess, I pushed aside to make a little space to create a little Father's Day card for him. It felt FANTASTIC to be stamping again - woohoo! Seems to fill the soul when one can create - in whatever space!
This card is from his 3 little monkeys (and I wished I had a little monkey stamp to stamp in #4 who's growing like crazy in my belly!) The kids loved the card and were all excited to write their words of love inside. Precious.
I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow as you celebrate the Father(s) in your life.

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cedargirl said...

How CUTE that is!!! Yay for getting a card made! I know you have been in the packing, travelling, unpacking, and growing life mode for some time. So happy for you to gatten to create a work of heart for your love! Have a great Father's Day!