Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Create for a Cause REMINDER

ATTENTION NORTH ISLANDERS (Vancouver Island, BC) .... Just wanted to remind you.....
There's an amazing event going on the first of November that you will WANT to be a part of. Check out the blog at:http://www.northislandcreateforacause.blogspot.com/
Leave a comment or ask a question, but mark that date on your calendar to attend.

I've been hearing talk about some of the stuff going on at this event and it sounds OUTSTANDING!!! Wish I could go! :( Leave me a comment and let me know if you're planning on going.... who's in? :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello Monday.

OK. Remember last week i showed you a lighthouse card that I thought for my brother-in-law and then was rethinking it.... well this was the "funny image" that I stamped out and I think I like this one better -- suits him better. Lighthouse I'm thinking Dad? LOL, but BIL I'm thinking this one.... what do you think?

I used SU cardstock and DS paper that I LOVE by Karen Foster "School House Stripes". The stamped image is from PennyBlack (love their chicken stamps!).... sentiment is also from Stampin' Up! It's a very simple card with layers... a few eyelets at the top finish it off. :) The voting poles are open {LOL}....

Happy Monday - hope your week is fabulous!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Enjoying my Sunday.

A day of rest. Enjoy your time.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A *TOTAL* case!

I was looking for a sample to get my creative juices flowing with my new stamp - upsy daisy from Stampin' Up! Well, I found this card created by spadagirl74 on SCS and I cased it nearly EXACTLY like she did -- so credit goes to her... thanks spadagirl! :) The only thing I changed was the layered punches for layering... she used ones I didn't have, so I improvised. My sister-in-law and I constantly tease each other with the color pink - she's NOT a pink girl -- so I thought it fitting to push the tease one step further and drench this card in pink! haha. I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it. My oldest worked at my Mom's Dr's office while we were there this summer & she wanted a thank-you card so I made the same card, different sentiment (and different number of brads.... bottom one has too many IMO). As I stamp these days I'm trying to remember my own rule: stamp at least two! If you're anything like me you're usually stamping for a specific moment because there's none on hand. So I'm now trying to stamp two of everything so in the crunch time I do have a card to give that didn't have to be pulled together in 5 minutes! Although this time I made two and BOTH are heading the mailbox! LOL.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Relax & enjoy....

Friday, September 26, 2008

*Homemade* black brads

Hello Friday....

I love (for the most part) SU's vintage brads. I'm an earth elements girl, so those black, grungy brown & silver had my name on 'em (although i didn't like the diamond shape... yeah, picky too!). I love their new updated vintage brads -- bye, bye diamonds (I guess I wasn't the only one!). All this to say, I don't find much use for the copper ones. U? So here's what you can do... I find that I use black the most (goes with everything, right?).
Gather up your supplies - and you don't need much. Needle-nose tweezers work best (easy on the hands), stazon (any color would work, my pref. is black!) and the brads you want to alter:
Pinch that little brad in your tweezers and rub it on your stazon - that's it!

Hard to see with my background - duh! Let me show you a black brad against a black table cutting mat! But you get the idea. I was impatient so I used them right away and then thought I might have "dulled" them a bit on my card so once I had them in place, I grabbed my stazon and dabbed ink on the surface one more time.

So use it Friday -- find those brads or embellies that aren't your favorite color - and change them! :)

Enjoy your weekend.... fill it to the brim with memories.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Maculine Birthday

My brother-in-law's birthday is next month. I *always* struggle to men's cards. Do you? Some guys just aren't the "handmade-card kinda-guy!" .... TELL me you know what I mean! HA. Well, I'm not sure if this will be *his* card or not. It does have ribbon.... humph! Vellum cardstock is kinda cool though, right?! I'm going to REALLY try hard this year to remember everyone's special day (which I can't say is always the case)... so I want to be prepared AHEAD of time so I'm not scrambling or thinking "what's the point now?!". I stamped out a humorous image that I might make up and see if I can make it masculine... then maybe I'll have you vote! I still love SU's retired lighthouse set. One of my favs. I colored this image with my Copic markers and used copper brads that I made black... have you done this? K, I'll share that tip with you tomorrow then :) I also ran the main card through the cuttlebug.... it's hard for me now to NOT use that little toy on all my cards! I also have new nestibilities that arrived, so I'll have to play with those a bit next week too :)
Tomorrow is Friday {insert happy dance here}... looking forward to a sleep-in. Rats. said it aloud.... that always jinx's it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The stamping continues...

I'm happy to report that I am stamping again today :) I'll have to pause now & then & get some "chores" done, but I figure it's all out all over the place, I may as well make it worthwhile! :) So I set up to take some photos of a few of the cards I made yesterday and.... *PLEASE CHANGE BATTERY PACK* Argh! Hate it when that happens... so, it'll probably be tomorrow before I post some pics, sorry! I am needing to get ahead and get some family birthday cards done for October. Then it'll be nearly time to start pulling out the Christmas sets & coming up with an idea for Christmas. Typically how many cards do you mail out? I find a lot people send e-cards and send family newsletters into my inbox more than my mailbox. I *refuse* to go there! I LOVE, love, LOVE getting Christmas mail :) I love to display all the beautiful & festive cards. I know it's work, I know postage only goes up every year -- but I think it's important. what about you?
Ok - I'm back to the stamping table, but first -- what do you snack on when you stamp? I'm usually a one cup of coffee in the morning kinda girl -- ok, big 'ol travel sized cup, but a "cup" just the same :) So I sip tea throughout the day - love london fog (thank you Julie!!) and licorice tea - yum. Of course Vanilla nut is yummy and who can resist Chi?! :) My newest snack is cottage cheese & cucumbers. Mmm.

Enjoy your wednesday....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Wow - the wind is howling out there, the fall leaves are being blown off the tears & rain is falling. Looks like fall has arrived. :( I know people love fall, and I love the beauty of fall, I'm just always so sad to say goodbye to summer. Hot sand, warm water beaches.... it doesn't get better than that. Although... the bulky sweaters can be pulled out and the bikini can be PUT AWAY ALREADY! . One of our family favorites is chicken pot pie. I don't think I've found a recipe better than Best of Bridge. I do make my own pie crust, it really is easier than it looks. If you need that recipe let me know & I'll post that one too. But for now -- I hope this recipe will warm you up on a crisp fall evening!
Chicken Pot Pie
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup flour
salt & pepper to taste
2 tbsp. finely chopped onion
3 cups of chicken broth
2 carrots, chopped in small pieces
2 potatoes, cubed in small pieces
3 cups sliced mushrooms
2 tbsp. butter
1/2 cup peas
3 cups cooked & diced chicken
pastry to cover (I use a 9x13 pan and a double crust pastry works perfect!)
Melt butter in large saucepan over medium heat. Blend in flour, salt, pepper & onion. Gradually stir in chicken broth. Cook, stirring constantly, until smooth & thickened. Add carrots, celery & potatoes. Cook until fork tender. In a small frying pan, cook the mushrooms in butter. Add mushrooms, peas & chicken to veggie mixture. Mix well & pour into large casserole (I use a 9x13 here). Cover with rolled pastry and slash it to allow steam to escape. Bake in a preheated oven 400 degree oven for about 45 minutes or until pastry is golden. If pastry becomes too brown, cover loosely with foil.
Ahhhh... enjoy!
This is what we're having for dinner tonight. I'm stamping today -- took the day "off"! LOL. I only have another hour or so before it's time to get the kids so I best run and finish putting dinner together so I can finish up some cards to show you! :)
the photo above is not my own, I admit it.... :) but an image is always good with a recipe, right?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Card.

Here is the card I finally got around to stamping the other day. :) It's for my nephew who is turning 7. I must say I don't have a lot of *boy* stamps that aren't too babyish.... might have to look into that. I used Stampin' Up!'s LOADS OF LOVE for this card and used the accessories set to get that bundle of gifts. I colored it with Copic Markers and drew in the side lines to match the lines in the design paper. I also added a star on the greeting (mostly because I didn't line up perfectly - might have been when my little one's tea spilt on the table...) so I thought it needed a little something in that space. Which of course led to the need of a couple more on the bottom *wink*.
I think I've shown you the card below before. I needed another one for another nephew who was turning 4. Thankfully I had one in the pile of birthday cards that would work! I need to get back on a day of birthday card stamping... and this was my last "boy" one so I best get to it! I used a couple of different cuttlebug embossing folders on this one and cut out the stars to add on with dimensionals for a little 3D effect. I know they're going to be more interested in the money inside , but I can't send a card I'm not happy with :)

Happy Monday - hope this one finds you smilin'!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

I did it. wow. I did it!

Stamped! CAN YOU BELIVE IT?! It was frustrating as all get out with my stuff here-there & everywhere, but I stamped a card. One card. All that work, and the result.... one card. I've taken a picture & I will upload it tomorrow to share with you. This whole pulling everything out to work on the kitchen table with kids, and snacks & drinks... OH MY! My first thinking is - how in the *world* am I going to stamp like this.... I MISS MY STAMPIN' ROOM!! Second is... gotta fix this somehow! So I lugged a table up to the bedroom (one of those foldup ones from Costco) and thought that would work. Yah, no. Didn't fit. Hubby is going to come home tonight after work and realize he cannot get into bed... there's a table now in the way. And... quite frankly, I'm too tuckered to lug the thing down 4 mini flights of stairs and back down into the garage. So... there you go. Need to find OPTION 2. 'Cause I've realized I'm getting grumpy. No stamping = Grumpy Jen.
OK - so I'm excited to show you my card, no, not that it's all the wonderful... hopefully my 7 year old nephew will like it, but just to prove to you I've actually stamped :) *snicker, snicker*
until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

under construction....

....playing with my blog a little over the next few days.... I don't know much so it may look different over the next while and who knows... might end up exactly how I started! LOL. I'd love to hear any tips :)


I am still here, I'm sure of it! LOL. What a month September has turned out to be -- I am *SO* looking forward to some normalcy! As you know not all our stuff made it on the truck so we decided to do the whirlwind trip back to BC (16.5hrs straight through going, 21hrs straight through with the trailer returning)...we were exhausted, and I'm think we're slowly getting caught up. That of course meant there was more stuff brought into our space that I'm *TRYING* to get organized & find places for. Needless to say... stamping has yet to occur in this house. However, my Stampin' Up! box of goodies was delivered a couple days ago and I'm DETERMINED to get that box slit open and unloaded!! I've been doing some blog surfing and getting inspired to get inky!! So I do hope that I will have something to show you soon -- moving is far too time consuming! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A wedding card.

OK, I do promise to STOP WITH THE NESTIE CARDS... soon :) I was obviously ga-ga over it as my samples I have left to show you are ALL with that nifty technique! This stamp set was a hostess set "Blooming with Happiness" from Stampin' Up! and I must say it's *still* one of my favorites. I love coloring in all those pretty blossoms. I used liquid pearls
in each of the flower centers. I think I've talked about this product before. I must have I'd say. For around $3 a bottle it lasts forever it seems and adds a nice little shimmery 3D effect. Here's a closer look:
My Mom needed a little shower card while I was there so while she went off to work I'd play :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another one...

Furniture arrived -- yeah! :) NOTE TO SELF - start lifting weights prior to thinking "oh yeah, I can move a couch into the house with you hubby!" Probably QUITE a sight for the neighbours to watch me grunting and moaning and yes, dropping the couch! ONLY once though - no damage done - whew!!

Here's another card from stamping with my Mom over the summer. These cards are made with the large square scallop nestibilities. Love 'em! You'll probably see a few more like this as well. So fun to make! As I slowly unpack my stamping supplies (to here, there and everywhere!!) I'm getting itchy to start stamping. I'm also considering going back to work (after 12 years!! YIKES) so lots on my thought plate right now. David was asked at his work if I'd be interested in an office job. Same shift as hubby... what to do, what to do..... childcare will be tough as we know NO ONE. We'll see. What's life without decisions! :)
This card is made with Pun Fun again. Might have to get my good friend Danita to mail me more images of this set! I love doing image swaps with friends. I added some white brads on the side and a corner punch to the top.. thought it needed a little something.
I just put in a big order with Stampin' Up! with the new catalog (finally I know!) so I cannot WAIT to get some new rubbah and play!
until then... i unpack.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Create for a Cause

There's an amazing event going on the first of November that you will WANT to be a part of. Check out the blog at:
Leave a comment or ask a question, but mark that date on your calendar to attend.

I'll put out a reminder for the event each week so you remember to go :) I know Lauren is hoping for a great turn out and I'd love to help her make that happen!

Here's another card made with the nestibilites. I also had a flower diecut that I added. this set is from Stampin' Up! called Fun Pun. Too cute. Still no stamping time here -- need to get unpacked. Furniture arrives tomorrow, so the goal is to be ready for that. Then it's almost time to think Christmas Cards! Where does the time go?
enjoy your day!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I'm back.

We are back online & connected here in Fort McMurray. WOW.... the last few weeks have been crazy insane, but so good. We had such a great few weeks at my mom's (guess it was a month!!) and took FULL advantage of that beach nearly every day! Kids did excellent on our travels to Alberta. Stayed in Edmonton & they were ga-ga over West Ed. Mall.. so fun to watch them there!! I grew up near there so I remember when Phase ONE opened! LOL. I'm getting old! We drove to McMurray on Saturday (yes, with no place to call home!). We knew our moving truck was arriving Tuesday so our goal (and prayers!!!) were that we would find a place by then. David called up places for us to go see and it was SO disheartening. Either way too small or else completely FILTHY! He told me that has been his struggle the past couple of months looking for something -- everything was so junky & dirty. WAAA!!! I clung to the verse that says God will not give you more than you can bear and pressed on. That evening David called another place and they were willing to show it to us 1/2hr later. We jumped into the truck & headed out. It was clean. SO clean. It was small, but manageable... we left and kept chatting about it and decided to bring the kids by the next morning & look at it one more time. We measured things up and thought we could make it work. They were willing to have David build a fourth bedroom downstairs so the kids could each have their own room. WE TOOK IT! What a sense of relief that we finally had a house. And so quick!! David hunted for a couple of months! We went for lunch and got a call that the truck with our stuff arrived - what?! TWO DAYS EARLY!!! We phoned our new landlords and they were happy to let us move in that day! WHOA! So off we went & spent the day unpacking. Sadness hit as we unpacked the moving truck & realized not everything made it. :( I guess as they were packing and got halfway they realized not everything would make it. So... no couch & living room furniture, no go-cart or bikes (much weeping here for all of us, just can't imagine Joshua without his bike!), only tv that made it was my little 12" from my craft room! LOL .... we tried to keep every one's spirits lifted through the process that WE HAD A HOUSE! Well this weekend we went & got some new furniture -- wooohooo!!! and a 40" LCD TV .... double woohooo from the kids! The goodies arrive on Tuesday and I'm thinking it'll start feeling like a real home with furniture! LOL. The joys. I think we'll pick up the rest of our stuff next summer when we head down. David heads down there in a week to finish up the landscaping stuff on the Nanaimo house so he can worry about all that stuff! LOL.
STAMPING WISE.... not too much happening. I will not have a stamping room in this house (*sniff, sniff*) but I felt way too guilty putting kids in a room so I could have a space. I have stuff stashed here & there so it'll be interesting how I'm going to make all that work. NONE of my paper made it on the moving truck either :(((( So I'm hoping hubby will bring some of it back with him on the plane. I was soooo glad I brought stuff to my Mom's so I have a bit of paper & goodies to work with! So that's the status of us. I hope to be back stamping & sharing with you now.
How's everyone doing with back to school & fall nearly upon us?