Sunday, September 21, 2008

I did it. wow. I did it!

Stamped! CAN YOU BELIVE IT?! It was frustrating as all get out with my stuff here-there & everywhere, but I stamped a card. One card. All that work, and the result.... one card. I've taken a picture & I will upload it tomorrow to share with you. This whole pulling everything out to work on the kitchen table with kids, and snacks & drinks... OH MY! My first thinking is - how in the *world* am I going to stamp like this.... I MISS MY STAMPIN' ROOM!! Second is... gotta fix this somehow! So I lugged a table up to the bedroom (one of those foldup ones from Costco) and thought that would work. Yah, no. Didn't fit. Hubby is going to come home tonight after work and realize he cannot get into bed... there's a table now in the way. And... quite frankly, I'm too tuckered to lug the thing down 4 mini flights of stairs and back down into the garage. So... there you go. Need to find OPTION 2. 'Cause I've realized I'm getting grumpy. No stamping = Grumpy Jen.
OK - so I'm excited to show you my card, no, not that it's all the wonderful... hopefully my 7 year old nephew will like it, but just to prove to you I've actually stamped :) *snicker, snicker*
until tomorrow...

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