Sunday, September 07, 2008

I'm back.

We are back online & connected here in Fort McMurray. WOW.... the last few weeks have been crazy insane, but so good. We had such a great few weeks at my mom's (guess it was a month!!) and took FULL advantage of that beach nearly every day! Kids did excellent on our travels to Alberta. Stayed in Edmonton & they were ga-ga over West Ed. Mall.. so fun to watch them there!! I grew up near there so I remember when Phase ONE opened! LOL. I'm getting old! We drove to McMurray on Saturday (yes, with no place to call home!). We knew our moving truck was arriving Tuesday so our goal (and prayers!!!) were that we would find a place by then. David called up places for us to go see and it was SO disheartening. Either way too small or else completely FILTHY! He told me that has been his struggle the past couple of months looking for something -- everything was so junky & dirty. WAAA!!! I clung to the verse that says God will not give you more than you can bear and pressed on. That evening David called another place and they were willing to show it to us 1/2hr later. We jumped into the truck & headed out. It was clean. SO clean. It was small, but manageable... we left and kept chatting about it and decided to bring the kids by the next morning & look at it one more time. We measured things up and thought we could make it work. They were willing to have David build a fourth bedroom downstairs so the kids could each have their own room. WE TOOK IT! What a sense of relief that we finally had a house. And so quick!! David hunted for a couple of months! We went for lunch and got a call that the truck with our stuff arrived - what?! TWO DAYS EARLY!!! We phoned our new landlords and they were happy to let us move in that day! WHOA! So off we went & spent the day unpacking. Sadness hit as we unpacked the moving truck & realized not everything made it. :( I guess as they were packing and got halfway they realized not everything would make it. So... no couch & living room furniture, no go-cart or bikes (much weeping here for all of us, just can't imagine Joshua without his bike!), only tv that made it was my little 12" from my craft room! LOL .... we tried to keep every one's spirits lifted through the process that WE HAD A HOUSE! Well this weekend we went & got some new furniture -- wooohooo!!! and a 40" LCD TV .... double woohooo from the kids! The goodies arrive on Tuesday and I'm thinking it'll start feeling like a real home with furniture! LOL. The joys. I think we'll pick up the rest of our stuff next summer when we head down. David heads down there in a week to finish up the landscaping stuff on the Nanaimo house so he can worry about all that stuff! LOL.
STAMPING WISE.... not too much happening. I will not have a stamping room in this house (*sniff, sniff*) but I felt way too guilty putting kids in a room so I could have a space. I have stuff stashed here & there so it'll be interesting how I'm going to make all that work. NONE of my paper made it on the moving truck either :(((( So I'm hoping hubby will bring some of it back with him on the plane. I was soooo glad I brought stuff to my Mom's so I have a bit of paper & goodies to work with! So that's the status of us. I hope to be back stamping & sharing with you now.
How's everyone doing with back to school & fall nearly upon us?


Anonymous said...

Things just could not have worked out better for you! Sounds like everything is working out. Take care of yourself and your family.

Leanne said...

Glad to hear you made it to AB safe and sound and that you have somewhere to live! Hopefully things will get easier as time goes on. Let me know next time you come to Edmonton. I'd love to go for coffee or something!