Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am still here, I'm sure of it! LOL. What a month September has turned out to be -- I am *SO* looking forward to some normalcy! As you know not all our stuff made it on the truck so we decided to do the whirlwind trip back to BC (16.5hrs straight through going, 21hrs straight through with the trailer returning)...we were exhausted, and I'm think we're slowly getting caught up. That of course meant there was more stuff brought into our space that I'm *TRYING* to get organized & find places for. Needless to say... stamping has yet to occur in this house. However, my Stampin' Up! box of goodies was delivered a couple days ago and I'm DETERMINED to get that box slit open and unloaded!! I've been doing some blog surfing and getting inspired to get inky!! So I do hope that I will have something to show you soon -- moving is far too time consuming! :)

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