Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The stamping continues...

I'm happy to report that I am stamping again today :) I'll have to pause now & then & get some "chores" done, but I figure it's all out all over the place, I may as well make it worthwhile! :) So I set up to take some photos of a few of the cards I made yesterday and.... *PLEASE CHANGE BATTERY PACK* Argh! Hate it when that happens... so, it'll probably be tomorrow before I post some pics, sorry! I am needing to get ahead and get some family birthday cards done for October. Then it'll be nearly time to start pulling out the Christmas sets & coming up with an idea for Christmas. Typically how many cards do you mail out? I find a lot people send e-cards and send family newsletters into my inbox more than my mailbox. I *refuse* to go there! I LOVE, love, LOVE getting Christmas mail :) I love to display all the beautiful & festive cards. I know it's work, I know postage only goes up every year -- but I think it's important. what about you?
Ok - I'm back to the stamping table, but first -- what do you snack on when you stamp? I'm usually a one cup of coffee in the morning kinda girl -- ok, big 'ol travel sized cup, but a "cup" just the same :) So I sip tea throughout the day - love london fog (thank you Julie!!) and licorice tea - yum. Of course Vanilla nut is yummy and who can resist Chi?! :) My newest snack is cottage cheese & cucumbers. Mmm.

Enjoy your wednesday....

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