Friday, September 26, 2008

*Homemade* black brads

Hello Friday....

I love (for the most part) SU's vintage brads. I'm an earth elements girl, so those black, grungy brown & silver had my name on 'em (although i didn't like the diamond shape... yeah, picky too!). I love their new updated vintage brads -- bye, bye diamonds (I guess I wasn't the only one!). All this to say, I don't find much use for the copper ones. U? So here's what you can do... I find that I use black the most (goes with everything, right?).
Gather up your supplies - and you don't need much. Needle-nose tweezers work best (easy on the hands), stazon (any color would work, my pref. is black!) and the brads you want to alter:
Pinch that little brad in your tweezers and rub it on your stazon - that's it!

Hard to see with my background - duh! Let me show you a black brad against a black table cutting mat! But you get the idea. I was impatient so I used them right away and then thought I might have "dulled" them a bit on my card so once I had them in place, I grabbed my stazon and dabbed ink on the surface one more time.

So use it Friday -- find those brads or embellies that aren't your favorite color - and change them! :)

Enjoy your weekend.... fill it to the brim with memories.


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