Saturday, October 10, 2009

I stamped, I did, I did!

We are having the time of our life - wow, what a fantastic adventure!! We do write a DAILY blog over at THE GRAY'S WILD ADVENTURES!!! so check that out if you're interested in what we're up to (and why I'm rarely posting here) HOWEVER... today I decided to pull out my gear & do some stamping. I have ordered from some stamp companies here in the US that I don't order from when I'm in Canada due to the shipping & duty fees and it's been so much fun!! It's giving me the needed inspiration to stamp again. I had to get a couple of birthday cards done, so I thought I'd take a quick pic and show you. A wee bit fuzzy, but I don't have my lighting stuff here, so it was just put on the counter & snapped :)
This stamp is called Owen The Owl and it's from Cornish Heritage Farms by Kim Hughes. I purchased a few of her sets, so as I play, I'll hopefully be able to post & share. We're in this vacation home for two months before moving to the next place, so it gives me a bit of time to catch my breath, relax...and stamp! :)
Not sure if anyone is still out there, if so.... say hello :)
enjoy your weekend,

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stampinkerry said...

I'm here Jen! I love keeping up with you and I'm glad you've made some time to stamp! I LOVE the house you're renting right now!!!! Its a dream and i'm sure will be hard to leave. Have fun playing with some non SU stuff! Take care!