Monday, April 19, 2010

8 months until the Christmas RUSH!

HA! Who wants to hear about Christmas chaos in April? If you live at my house you hear the countdown every time the month rolls around to the 25th. "Hey, only 10 months until Christmas...... only 9 months until Christmas..." So I guess it's rubbing off on me a little :).
This was a Christmas thanks I sent out last year to a special friend who goes above & beyond with her love & kindness (Hi Tania!!!).
She spoiled us with a surprise Christmas package and what a blessing it was!
Dare I say now how "easy" the card was?! LOL. I loved this Basic Grey background paper with all those prezzies. How could I cover them up? So I decided to let THEM be the focus of the card. :) A nice thick bow, a little sentiment with some bling. Done.
And into the mail it went :)
Do you have someone who could use a little card of thanks? I challenge you not to delay - sometimes it gets so late, we have great intentions, but that passed time makes us think it's been too long...
Get stamping :)

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Anonymous said...

i accepted your challenge as I had not got arround to getting a thankyou card to some lovely people who gave us baby items for our new one coming this summer. Great reminder to get on that. and I (heart) my card! thank you! -tania