Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Birthday to you.....

A card to share. Image is from Penny Black - cute little critters. :)
A little tip about ribbon. I only had a couple snippets of this ribbon (yes, I'm one of *those* people who keep those little ribbon pieces) so I obviously didn't have enough to go AROUND the card. Here I was able to just use those little ends and with the help of a couple glue dots, I was able to secure them around each corner. A touch of ribbon even if the supply is low :) Might be hard to see the pair of dew drops in the top & bottom corners. Love those due drops. Starting to think a bit about my baby announcements. Let me know if you have a link of inspiration for me :)
Enjoy your day,


Anonymous said...

CUTE little parade! I too have a big glass jar of snippits of ribbon so they are easy to see for use. Sweet card!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Tania! Those snippets come in very handy!! :)