Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yesterday was soother day. I think I typically wait longer to introduce the soother and perhaps the lack of sleep collided with the need of sleep, and so out came the fresh new soother (sterilized first of course ☺). And we finally had a better night - I was blessed with a solid 3 hours of sleep. *bliss* He's so cute though, I really don't mind our mid-night visits! It's the mornings that are killing me! HA.
Coffee, real coffee now.... ahhh.... keeps me going and tastes so amazing after all those months!
I had a little crafting time the other day as I finish up our announcement cards - once I have the photos they will be IN THE MAIL! Boy did it feel good to punch paper & get a little inky! I've heard of some ladies already starting their Christmas Cards - whoa!
Matthew will be 4 weeks tomorrow already - that amazes me. Makes me snuggle him a little tighter knowing how quickly he'll grow and change.


cedargirl said...

um YEAH, he is so adorable!!!!! here's wishing you both quality sleep!

Anonymous said...

He is just so beautiful! And I do think you are the BEST mom ever!

Take care,

Kelly C.