Friday, October 22, 2010


I've heard from two different sources now that handwriting (cursive) is no longer going to be taught in school. Big deal you might think. No one really "writes" anymore anyway, do they? You're right, not many do. In this face-paced world, no one seems to have the time to stop and truly WRITE. Even PRINT! A message can be typed out in lightening speed, sent even faster and that memo can be scratched off your to-do list. Done. Next....
David's Mom sends the kids a handwritten note every month. They love it. I love it. It's written even! It's a big deal. They cherish those notes and I see them stashed away safely in a drawer or special box. I've yet to hear any of them ask to print off an email note. It doesn't hold that same treasured value.
I'm trying to teach my kids the value in a hand-written (or even simply printed!) note. All our family lives far away, so when a birthday comes along, it creates the perfect opportunity to send a note of thanks. I think it is important, and I also think there's some cherished notes tucked into Grandma & Grandpa's drawers & special boxes!
Next time you click 'New Message', stop and consider pulling out pen & paper... you just might find your note being a treasure to someone too.

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cedargirl said...

I could not agree more about the art of hand writing and how sweet it is to recieve a hand written note! Good for you to carry on this tradition with your children! And cute thank you cards too :)