Saturday, December 18, 2010

Savoring Moments

Two things: First, I am still here. Second, I'm savoring! Do you do that? Savor? When life gets busy....too busy...I tend to shut down. The focus shifts to priorities and everything else hangs in a state of pause. My blog was paused as the children & I finished up school before the holidays, baked special Christmas treats & began soccer season. Wow, it's been busy!! Hopefully I'm back to blogging a little bit more & sharing with you some of our special Christmas moments :)
Merry Christmas!!
Christmas tree is finally up :)
Matthew is 4 months old today!!
Goodbye long shaggy hair, hello my Joshua!!

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cedargirl said...

Beautiful children and beautiful tree! That is the sweetest pic of your babe! Good for you for talking the time to slow down and taste a bit of the season. It can get too busy and it can slip by in a wink. Merry Christmas!