Sunday, December 30, 2007


After quite an adventure to get me and my munchkins to my Mom's I've finally remembered to come & update my blog :) I'm slowly going to be able to show you some more shots of the blocks! What did Stamping Santa bring YOU for Christmas? We are having a great time in the snow & sunshine. Perfect for Christmas festivities. I've decided to be more prepared next year for Christmas so I'm hoping to challenge you along with me this next year to be well prepared for the big Christmas season (because we all know it's more than just ONE DAY!). The new year is fast approaching & I'm sure everyone is getting ready for parties & more festivites. Enjoy!!
A few more block shots.....

I used modge-podge to *glue* the papers onto the painted wood blocks:

Then (not sure if you can tell) I used some sandpaper to age & rough up the edges:

I won't be able to show you the "final" shots until after(our)Christmas (in case my Mom is peeking in on my blog!!) So in the new year as we won't be celebrating until Jan. 5th -- stay tuned. I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

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