Thursday, May 01, 2008

Look what Marie is up to!

K, porkchops are in the oven so I can sit a minute! :) WHEW. You all know that I'm busy finding furniture for my new stamping space AND unmounting all my stamps. NEARLY DONE! yeahoooooooo....

But now look what Marie is doing! DANG GIRL! She is soooo brave. And you know what... she's now got me thinking about it! UNREAL!

Check out her blog:

Weekend is nearly here :))))) What are you up to? Oh and Giovanna... got your dragonflies mailed out to you this afternoon :) have fun playing. Think I found something else to giveaway next week :) Stay tuned.


kellycats said...

Brave girl that Marie is....but I really like the idea. May even do it. Her post underneath the wheels one shows the scrap arts store I shop at in North Van. Love it. Such a small world.

otagogirl said...

ooooo and she's done all (most) of her stamps too!
It's a road I may have to take after we move to our new home, which will probably be much smaller than we have now...but I'm putting it off!