Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Hubby & I went to the mainland yesterday to do some shopping (yeah for me, well... he was trooper! LOL) I finally decided on what to use as STAMP STORAGE in my new space. It had to be something that I could take with me when we move as well as something that would "show" well in the house & on top of it all be versatile enough to use somewhere else in the house if need be. So.... this is what I finally decided on:

I got 2 of these and between them is a side table. Hopefully once it's all set up I can take a pic and show you. I got about 10 baskets to randomly put in the "holes." Baskets will hold things like - eyelets/brads/buttons, ribbons, punches, paper, markers, packaging, acrylic stamps/access., cuttlebug goodies...I'm so looking forward to getting set up. Hubby is home now for 10 days so we're going BLITZ on the house and then when he's gone I will promise myself ONE DAY (at least!) to stamp in my new space --- ahhhhh.... of course the side table came in a zillion pieces so I need him to put it together for me... wish my dad lived closer! LOL. My goal is to get all my stamping things to FIT! LOL. TIME WILL TELL.
It's gorgeous out there today, so the little digger is workin' away in the yard getting things ready for seed -- hope you have a warm spring day awaiting you.

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ticketbelle said...

oh this is great. I would love love love something like that. Where did you purchase it? Can't wait to see the pictures of it complete!