Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Coffee Chat

It's Tuesday again. It's funny, a friend of mine was groaning about it being Monday & I said not to worry, she'll blink & it will be Friday again. Doesn't it feel like that somedays? Weeks seem to blend into each other - at least in our crazy-busy household. I treasure my *coffee-time* when I'm in my house and I can hear the delightful sound of nothing -- the hum of the fridge, the soft fan of the computer.... ahhhhh.... Someone once asked my little 5 year old what was one of mommy's favorite thing - her response? "peace & quiet" {LOL} Does she know me or what! haha. I do though -- I love quiet. I also love music - which is actually usually on. I had to run yesterday by myself as my running buddy couldn't find someone to babysit her little ones and I was missing music. I started this running program at the end of January and I love it. We're training for a 10K at the end of April (the week after our cruise -- guess I'll be the geek running around the deck as I continue my training -- bleck!). I've tried running before, but never with a program and this *learn to run* type program is awesome. Although yesterday I really had to push myself to keep going. So if you've thought about running -- find a buddy. It sure helps to have someone to chat with & encourage you on the hills!! I've seen more & more people scrapbook an about me page. I love the idea and so once I get this cruise scrapbook done, I think I'll like to do some personal pages. I've taken a break these past few days from scrappin' and been making some cards, so I need to get back at it as it's only 38 days until Panama! Ahhhhh....
On an exciting note, I think we're starting back on our house. There's been no updated pics because there's been no updates :( house has been pretty much sitting there since Christmas. But, they're getting the garage ready to pour the slab in there so that's exciting - crossing my fingers for drywall this month. Hope to decide on the kitchen cabinets today (or at least this week)... I've had such a hard time deciding on my kitchen. {layout, design, & color) --
coffee's done :)

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