Monday, March 12, 2007

Page Number 2

I'm nearing the end of my cruise album -- whew! I thought I'd get more scrappin' time in this weekend, but no luck. BUSY! Lots of fun though with friends, so.... it's all good. I got my Photoshop Elements over the weekend - yeah. So I hope to get it on the computer this week and start LEARNING! Also.... shhhh! but I think I'm getting my new digi camera this month too. SO EXCITED about that one. Been driving my hubby absolutely MAD with all my camera talk! LOL. i want to get it & figure it all out before our trip! Crazy week though as I finish up with our kitchen cabinet layout & lighting so scrappin' might be in the wee hours of the night ;-) Here is a page I did get finished over the weekend. It was one I stared at for awhile... then added... then added a little more.... It's ok. I'm excited about the other two I'm working on....

Well, got my run in this morning -- the final hill was brutal, but I DID IT! :) Love that feeling when I'm DONE. My oldest has a tea at her school this afternoon where they are reciting poems so I'll be taking that all in as well. To top it off the sky is blue & the sun is (finally) shining here on the island. We've had SO MUCH RAIN, so this just lifts my spirits & makes me smile. Enjoy your Monday!!!

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