Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, I seemed to have blinked and it's Monday again :-) What a fun-filled, busy Spring Break we had! Could have done without the rain, but for some reason the kids don't seem to mind. As long as they have friends & cousins to play with it's ALLLL GOOOD! LOL. My middle munchkin celebrated his 8th birthday and so the last couple of nights we worked on his {soccer} invitations to hand out to his friends at school today. We had lots of fun. It's so cute to hear him ask if I think it's the "right" green! LOL. A stamper in the making!
I was so hoping to post my final cruise scrapbook pages, but not yet. I have 18 days before we leave (HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!!) so I need to get going so I make my goal of completing it before we leave for Panama! I also want to decorate a brown bag surprise for each day we're away for my babes. My youngest gets the most sad (I think it's a tie with my little man, but he doesn't want ME to know that! LOL). So I thought a great way to *Count-Down* the days until we come home is to have a special bag with a surprise awaiting them each day. So, times that by 3 munchkins and 10-days... I've got 30 bags to do up! YIKES. We're having my son's big birthday party this Sunday, so it looks like another crazy week -- I'll post some of the brown bags -- I have ideas floating in my head --- now just to find the time to stamp it.....

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