Thursday, December 07, 2006

Always a Birthday

Although Christmas Card creations are in the major production process for most people right now, there always seem to be a birthday card to make, doesn't there? Whether it's a kids' birthday party or family & friends, I always seem to be pumping out the birthday cards. :) Unfortunately the photo of this card isn't great -- not sure why the pink flowers look soooo blek in the photo -- MUCH softer on the actual card. But I do love this technique: cracked glass. It's so simple, although a tad messy, but the effect is this scrumptious aged look. You simply take your piece of cardstock and stamp it up however you like. I used the Hollyhock Jumbo Wheel, pulled out my watercolor pencils (I'm partial to the wonder crayons, but every so often I remind myself to pull out the supplies less used) and stamp away. I used close to cocoa classic ink on the edges to soften it up even more. Then... the fun part! COAT your WHOLE cardstock piece with Versamark Ink. I just use the ink pad as a stamp and "stamp" the piece of decorated cardstock like that. Using GLASSY GLAZE (also known as UTEE - Ultra Thick Embossing Powder) cover your image with powder (I like to use a coffee filter under it... works awesome!). Using your heat tool, melt it. Repeat the process at least one more time -- sometimes you need a third coat. Next, place this little glassy piece of cardstock in your freezer. Pull out a cookie & nibble while you wait a few minutes. By the time your cookie is done (and your glass of milk), pull out your cardstock and bend it in a few directions. You'll hear it crack as you bend it. If it stops cracking and you don't think there's enough cracks, stick it back in the freezer for a few more minutes and do some more. I like to take a brown ink (close to cocoa) and rub it in the cracks to bring them out a bit more. Adhere it to your cardfront and finish off your card however you'd like. The messy part is the bits of glassy glaze that seem to fly everywhere! :-)

So that was my stamping accomplishment today - Grandma's Birthday Card. I'm happy to find the time as my little boy is home sick with the flu. He's happy to play with his younger sister though, so that actually gave me a few stamping moments before the Kindergarten rush of skating lessons begin :) I love having a stamping room that I can dash in & out of -- I can't imagine having to lug it all out with little ones and putting it back each day. If you saw the condition of my stampin' pad, you'd know why! *smiles* -- I'm a very messy stamper!! :-)

I've also added some stamp sets in my collection that are ready to move on to new homes. If you are interested in any of them, please leave a comment for me and I'll get you details on those particular sets. I'll be adding to the list as I go through my things as well as deleting the ones that have been sold. Seems as a stamper your tastes change (or you collection just gets bigger than needed) and so some pocket change for Christmas might be a good thing.

Merry Christmas!! I hope to get some baking done and post a couple of holiday recipes too!!


Tracy.H said...

Beautiful card, Jen!! I love the cracked, messy and a tad painful on the fingers ;0)

M. Page said...

I love your card, this is a fun technique, I want to do more of it too. It's nice to read about you and your family and keep up with what is going on in your life. I still miss your S10 classes.