Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Weekend Is Here!

I love the weekend!! I love that I get to sleeeeeeep in (crazy to think that 7:30 is a sleep in!) and I'm not rushing the kids to and from school. The joys of having one in Kindergarten -- it's back & forth to school all day long it seems. My hubby got an invite to go to the mountains and snow-mobile for the day -- how excited was he!?!? So it's just me & the munchkins today. I found a few moments this morning to get a card made for a fellow stamper that I thought I'd share with you. I just love Peaceful Wishes!! Always Artichoke has become my new favorite green ( I was an old olive girl for the longest time!). I used it along with Real Red & the basic Black adds a little crispness to the card. I'm trying to get into the habit of the 2-card rule. When I make a card, I made a second one for my stash so I can go back and copy it if I need. I think this is a great rule for all stampers :) It's not too much longer to make a second as your things are all out anyway. Christmas Cards are in the mail (note to self -- mail out cards MUST be thinner -- cost me over a dollar to send each one -- that silly 'ol ribbon made 'em too thick!) but it feels good to have them in the mail. Still need to make some more that we hand deliver, but the ones needing to be sent away are off :) Need to clean my stamp room today -- sometimes doing this I can locate lost items :) Why is that room always such a mess?! Enjoy your weekend, hope you find some stamping time too!!


Kim said...

Great blog Jen,
I meet you on the Mexican Riveria cruise. I think we had breakfast with you one morning.
Kim and Al Borgdorff
Congrats on having such a great year. Looking forward to seeing you on the Panama cruise.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card - Peaceful Wishes is one of my favourite sets this year too! Mind if I CASE this one?
Nice blog so far too! - Ann