Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Little Thank-You.

I was offline for a bit as we made a final trip back "home" to finish packing up, say goodbyes & head off the island. It was such an emotional filled week. Living by the ocean and on the island for so many years and actually leaving was hard. BUT... I look forward to the beauty of big skies, open spaces & most of all our little family being all together again. Easy choice I'd say! I'll be here at my Mom's for another few weeks as we try to find a place to live up in Fort Mac and enjoy some more summer adventures.
I had some of these smaller scallop note cards that I thought I would stamp up. I always leave a thank-you gift when I stay at my Mom's and so I thought this little box of cards could be added to her goodies :) Hopefully she won't be peeking on here!

The boys are off golfing and the girls and I are enjoying a lazy morning. We'll get a picnic packed so once they're back we can head to the beach and soak in the sunshine some more. How is your summer going?

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