Friday, August 13, 2010

More Baby Thanks.

Yesterday was my original due date. Not that I cling to a due date as I'm "always" late. Between my regular doctor, my OB and myself, we have 3 different due dates! HA. My doctor said the 12th (which has now come and gone), my OB says the 18th (we'll see) and I say the 20th... and then factor in my lateness... and we're looking around the 25th. I only hope I AM wrong!! :) My Mom arrives in the wee hours tonight so once she's here I'm hoping my body realizes all the stars have aligned and baby can join our crew! I picked up some Raspberry Leaf tea today, so I will start the drinking tomorrow - LOL.
The kids have had a full week at VBS and then school in the afternoon - I'm exhausted. Then my son started getting sick late this afternoon and I'm hoping his tummy will settle so we can all get some sleep tonight. Poor boy! Being sick is NO fun at all.
Thought I'd share another baby card with you :) Nearly done my announcements now. A few more to do and then all that will be missing is the photo and the deets! :) I'll show you those once baby has arrived & they're mailed out. WOW I still can't believe this is all happening. :)
We're all so very excited.
Hope you've had a fantastic week and your weekend is delightful!

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