Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Coming up for Air

I think I'm back! Whew, caught that nasty cold & flu bug -- not fun. I confirmed yet again that I do NOT make a good sick human :) Not sure what I'd do without my Advil Cold & Sinus! LOL It's been a whirlwind here as we were all pretty sick for a few days and then so exciting as we celebrated Megan's 10th b'day yesterday (funny how that was fun, but the COUNTDOWN is ON for the REAL birthday party A.K.A. friends all coming on Saturday!!) So yesterday she came home from school and I had hidden clues ALL over the house and she had to follow the clues, solve the riddles and find her gifts. Such fun and it took all afternoon until supper time. Her brother & sister were just as excited running around the house with gleeful screams that they found another clue! Kids are SO fun!! Anyway, TOMORROW is my scrappin' DAY so hopefully I'll have some things to show you Friday. For now, I found an older card I made (anyone recognize the set?) using the Latch Card technique. Not sure if you'd *technically* classify it as a technique. It's very easy to do when you use the window punch (one of my favs!) and a couple of brads to hold it into place.
Just thought I'd better show my face & a little sample (excuse the poor scan, imagine it looking MUCH better *LOL*) before going under the craziness of my week again. Hope to pop my head back up for air on the weekend ;-)

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Quilt Nut said...

very pretty! one of my favorite sets