Saturday, February 03, 2007

Work in Progress....

What a full day!! We were up and at a soccer game in very CHILLY conditions. Just spitting rain, but almost snow... BRRRR.... boys played a great hard game though & I love watching! Then we flew to Joshua's clubs' car race event where he placed in the top 10 for fastest car!! YEAH!! It's just been a fly-by day. I lost Word & Excel on my new computer (yes, I could cry... they put a TEMP on my computer not the full deal -- not impressed!)... so I've been stewing over that one this weekend too. Dislike my computer misbehavin'! Of course I have a hard copy *somewhere* in the storage unit so that would be like searching for a needle in a haystack! Still not sure what I'm going to do so .... I decided to SCRAP & STAMP! Fixes everything doesn't it? :) Working on a page to go next to my funky one below.... hope to finish it up tonight/tomorrow & get it posted for you to see. With my computer not fully functioning I'll have to journal in my own handwriting (blek). I know, I know... *they* say that's good to include it on some of your pages so those looking back can see your penmanship (or lack thereof!!) .... so I suppose I will do my best & hand write my journaling.
Hope you're all having a fabo weekend!!! I did find a Word & Excel VIEWER download online so at least I can open files to view them (doesn't really help me much though does it).... stewing again, better get back into that stamp room!

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