Monday, February 26, 2007

Foggy Monday

It is Monday, right? *LOL* What a week -- my friend was here with her children & saw just how crazy my life can be. Sweet Megan turned 10 and we had an amazing birthday bash on Saturday night. So fun with all those like, 10 year olds, like chattin' it up, like totally. *LOL* - did I really talk like that when I was 10?!! (smiles) Very fun. Of course the not so fun part was the night before up ALL night long (this is unfortunately NOT exaggerating) with my little boy with the stomach flu. Blek! Then yesterday my yougest girl (age 5) started. Megan is petrified she's NEXT. She just wants to be out of the house. We're going through hand cleaner like crazy!! NEEDLESS to say, my day of stamping with my friend on Thursday was DREAMY!! So fun. Here are the layouts I got done. :) Actually I did one more which I'll try to post today too. Just need to upload the photo. I have decided (with much advice from everyone) to get Photoshop Elements to work with. I'm excited to take a trip to Costco this week & pick it up :) YEAH! Ok. So here are my layouts -- a couple more pages done in my Mexico Album. The first one is of our amazing city tour we took. Just got off the ship & paid a taxi driver to take us all over the place - very cool. On this page I was able to use some of my new goodies - Prima Flowers! Love 'em. I used embrodery thread & made french knots for the flower centers.

The next page here is of the unbelievable Cliff Divers. Thank you Tepa Farias for the great photos. I missed the jump by a minute with my camera. I was so shocked these men were jumping off that platform that i couldn't get my camera up in time! This is quite a simple page, but the photos I think were great & I wanted to include them all. :)

Here's a closer look at one of the page elements. I really like SU's set Genuine Article. The direction of the arrow didn't work for me so my friend told me just to cut it in half and flip it around. Worked perfectly! :) I dragged the edges on an ink pad for a little added depth.

Happy Monday everyone!!

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