Wednesday, February 07, 2007

sick, sick, sick....

No new pics this week... my little girl is home sick and is quite like her Momma when she's sick.... needs CONSTANT attention! *LOL*. Mooooooooommmmm... i neeeeed water, moooooooom can I please have a snack..... moooooom can you help me walk to the couch... She's doing quite a bit better today than yesterday (her "spice" is back today)... but thought she should stay home from school. We have allergy testing this afternoon -- poor thing. I think I'm more anxious about it than she is. It'll be great to figure out what she's actually allergic to!!
On a STAMPING/SCRAPPING note.... I'm working on my excursion pages. We did a jungle tour zip line during one of our port stops on the cruise. We weren't allowed to take our cameras, so I just caught a few shots before/after. I think I'm going to try stamping DIRECTLY onto the photo(s) as they ALL fit on one page and I need to dress it up a bit. You'll see soon. It's my get-er-done project of the week.
Thanks for the comments & emails! Keep them coming, I love to hear from you all. Sounds like most of you print off your own photos if you want something smaller than 4x6. Good to know. Santa's list is growing already!
This photo was taken last fall... me & the kids (thanks Daddy for takin' the pic!) Had to include ONE photo! ;)

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