Friday, April 27, 2007


OK, some VERY cool chipboard coming up in the NEW IDEA BOOK -- July seems so far away! LOL. I hope you can see these well - there's everything in here from accents, photo corners, flower stems & petals. VERY COOL. Here's a sample from the cruise one of the top-dogs showed ;-) Cute little hostess gift using a little box as a *pot* some Dr. Pepper jellybellies for *dirt* and then the chipboard flower *planted* in the middle -- TOO CUTE!

Chipboard is easy to work with. My favorite is with design paper: simply flip your chipboard over, trace it out onto the wrong side of the design paper, cut it out, glue it to your chipboard, trim if you need and the MOST important part IMO, SANDING BLOCKS!!! Use them to buff up the edges. It gives your chipboard a nice soft/antique touch and a perfect "finished" edge! You can also slide your craft pad straight on top & it gives you great coverage. If you like to get messy when you create, then pull out those acrylic paints and go for it! Possibilities are endless -- isn't that why we LOVE this craft so much. :)

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