Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm Still here, honest!

WOW, what a week! It's crunch time on the house for a number of decisions (lighting, pluming, heating...) so it was a full week of decisions & meeting with the trades. Of course the GOOD news is that we're on a roll again with the house & that's beyond exciting. Then of course was my middle munchkins birthday party (think 12 boys -- I know! {LOL}), soccer festival which included 2 games on Sat, two games on Sunday and a big pizza party at the coach's house.... a family night at our church (we made adorable planter boxes for some pansies -- kids loved it!) Of course there's still all the *usuals* that every mom knows (that ever-growing list of to-dos), all this to say it was a real treat to get this card in the mail from my up-upline, Sue Farrant!!
She used Sahara Sand and rounded all the edges (love that) and used my new-favorite tab punch on the side & the notations paper. And how cool is that ribbon that she frayed. Very neat idea! THANK-YOU Sue!!
Well, 10 more sleeps until the cruise and my list of things to do is great, but I will try to post a wee bit more before we leave..... thanks for all the comments on the photo-chipboard!! I just used our tacky tape to adhere it to the chipboard and then used a sanding block around the edges -- it was that easy! Hope you're able to try it out!!

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