Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I miss Ferry!!

Ferry was my room steward on the ship. I LOVE HIM!!! Every day he'd clean my room, make my bed, shine my bathroom. He even brought me food when I asked. :) Of course is reality this morning when I had a shower, I had to pick up the towel, wipe off the faucet & tidy it up myself! The joys of a vacation, sure makes you LOVE being spoiled. I think the jet lag is SLOWLY wearing off (which means I was actually able to sleep past 5am this morning! whew!!) We got home VERY late on Monday (nearly midnight here, which is nearly 3am ship time) and had to wake up the kids to give them hugs & smooches. Takes all the blues of a vacation being over to feel those little arms grip your neck and your little one beam when they see you!! LOVE THAT!! Monday morning my Mom & her hubby pulled out (*sniff, sniff*) to head for home as they stayed & spoiled the kids all week while we were away!! Kids had such a wonderful week with them. Tuesday was back to making lunches, getting the kids to school, a t-ball game, a minor baseball game and a clubs meeting. Breakin' in slowly, yah right! {LOL} Now the countdown is on for my 10K run this Sunday. And yes, I did keep running while I was on the ship... it's not everyday I can say I ran to Aruba! It was so hot, and I enjoyed every minute of the heat! The ocean was like a bathtub so warm (compared to us here on the coast!) So I got up and ran this morning again -- it was a lot chillier than last week! But it felt good to get back out there and get ready for this run. It's going to be a fun weekend & amazing to cross a goal of my life-list-of-to-dos!! :)

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