Monday, April 23, 2007

We're BAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaack.

Amazing. Spectacular. Unforgettable. Adventurous. Exciting. Overeating.... oh the overEATING..... BLISSFULLY WONDERFUL. That was our cruise with Stampin' Up! :) Too much food, too much sunshine, too much fun -- loved every minute of it. Caught up with some great gals again (Hi DEANNA, CARMEN, AMY!!) and met up with some new ones (HI CARRIE or is it Kerri, or Keri, or Carey... why are there so many spellings of this name! LOL.... Hi PATRICIA!!) Can you imagine a ship FULL of of stampin' gals... incredible. We stamped, we played, we watched demos... even got some sneak peeks of what's coming up in the NEW CATALOG!!! WANNNA SEE?????

Hopefully I'll be posting regularly now that we're back (and I have so many photos and samples to share....)

stay tuned.


Quilt Nut said...

welcome home!

stampinkerry said...

hahahahha, LOTs of spelling but my way is Kerry. GREAT meeting you Jen! Loved all our chats - seemed like it was always while we were eatting doesn't it?????
Back to the real world least the sun was shining so the transition was a bit easier :)
Talk soon,

Caroline said...

It was great seeing you again, Jen!! Glad to hear you made it home okay (losing time notwithstanding!). I keep looking for my cabin steward and just can't find him.... wahhhhh!!!!