Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Snorkeling Fun

I don't normally use the pre-made embellies, but the lady who had me do this album for her had a few items she hoped could be included. These were some of them (hard to tell with the poor photo quality -- sorry!), but there's a little snorkel mask and wave on the first page and a little outfit & swimming turtle with bubbles on the other. It stretched me and that is a good thing! :) You can't tell (again the photo!) but on the first page there's a picture that looks all blue. It actually says ALOHA. They found that written in rocks under the water - very cool!
On this page I also used my flexible ruler from Bo-Bunny...Great gadget for making wavy borders!!
Well we're on the road today - back to the island for a final trip to finish up house stuff. THEN IT WILL BE SOLD! Ahhhhh.....that will feel lovely! So it'll be a lot of sweat & man-hours at the house, but it'll also be great to see family again.
enjoy your day,

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