Friday, July 17, 2009

The wedding Album

So I have never made an album for anyone. Honestly, didn't do much scrapbooking myself, but for a few years ago, and even then, not much. I love it, and this has me TOTALLY inspired to get going on my own pages. I've been having fun. I've shown you the few pages I've done for myself {finally}, but now I will show you the pages from this wedding album I worked on. The hardest thing for me was that I had NO idea who these people were and ALL the photos were printed 4x6. Challenging! I typically like to use my printer and print a bunch of different sizes....cropping I find, at times, loses the scenery - which is needed {especially when your wedding is in Hawaii!!). So I'll share with you today my "title page". I was stumped. It was a tiny wedding (group of 11 of them - family & 3 friends), no wedding invitations, and nothing to necessarily document/save. So I took a collection of photos (at random) that I thought were cute and scenic and made a collage of sorts for the title....need to state too that I just used my point & shoot little camera to take these photos, so they won't be fantastic, but hopefully give you an idea of what I did :)

I used some stickers on the photos (top corners), a rub on at the bottom and the Hawaii & congratulations are stickers (that I do love!!) and a couple SU punched out flowers with white brads in the center....

K, it was 34 yesterday and we lived in the pool so today it's suppose to be about 31 so we're hitting the beach after lunch. Hoping to get this album DONE today...we'll see!

Enjoy your weekend!


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