Monday, January 17, 2011

Dinner for the...

No, not the Shmucks! :)
My son's teacher (when he was in school) who just had her first baby - a little boy named Ryerson. Today we worked together, packed up a meal for them and delivered it. The kids were all great in helping put this care package together. Megan made her delicious banana bread and AMAZING brownies and helped me this morning with making the pastry and the meat pie filling for the Cheeseburger Pie. The other kids entertained Matthew so we could get it down (that is SUCH a help!) as well as did some clean up and dishes. Of course we had to add a little ribbon and design paper ;)
Seeing as we were creating anyway, we made a number of pastry disks for the freezer, and a couple pies for ourselves for dinner. I let the Megan & Joshua decorate these ones, Sarah was busy folding laundry (yay!!)
Megan's (white pie plate on the left) had grape clusters and leaves with berries. Joshua cut out the first letter of their name, so a J, S & M :)
Perhaps not a a lot of bookwork today, but some great lifeskills & memories :)

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cedargirl said...

What a total blessing! It looks fantastic and I bet is delish! Great work G-Unit!