Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Project for Life

OK. I'm doing it. Didn't think I would. But... I am :) Thank-you Tania! (one of the most inspirational people I know!)
Have you heard of Project for Life by Becky Higgins?
Well I was thinking it would be overwhelming, too much.... then I watched THIS VIDEO and I thought.... I can do that. Take a picture everyday? Don't I do that already? Actually PRINT them off, add a little journalling and put it in an album - what a novel idea! :)
So... stay tuned.
And let me know if you're doing this project - we can share ideas. I've been looking at lots of blogs and videos to get some inspiration & ideas :)
Here's a little video clip of David (hubby) singing to Matthew. He always sings this song to Matthew, but for some reason today Matthew thought it was pretty funny!
oh, and video is horrible as it's taken with a lame camera :( But it's still darling!

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cedargirl said...

MELT MY HEART! Your baby's laughs are pure gold! I love it! What a sweetie! oh and the baby's cute too, lol. JK!
Thank you for sharing that Jennifer!