Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project For Life (PFL) WEEK ONE

My box arrived!! It arrived when I was so sick, so I kept it all packaged up until I was feeling myself again so I could savor & enjoy :)
This kit is perfect for me - everything is there ready & waiting for me. I hope to take the next few days and get caught up. I've been taking my photos, making some journaling notes so now that I have it all together - I get to sit and put it together.
My corner punch broke on me *gasp*, so I will order another one and then go back and round my corners on the photos I think.
So.... here is page one. Sorry about the photo quality. Lighting in our house STINKS! So I had to use a flash which as you know distorts things a bit and adds nasty glares, but this will at least give you an idea! :)
Hopefully if you click on the photos they'll enlarge for you so you can see it a bit closer-up :)
Left side
Right side.
Hoping to create some more today.....
Happy weekend to you!

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