Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The FuNkiNesS continues....

Stay tuned... I'm working on a slightly outrageous page -- at least outrageous for me. It's definitely outside MY box. My with all those punches & stampin' dimensionals, it's taking me some time ( not to mention I could no longer ignore my house and had to FLY through it this morning.... got those floors scrubbed & vacuumed, mirrors sparkling, stuff picked up :-) ahhh doesn't a clean house feel gooooood!!). So I hope to post my page tomorrow -- just struggling with the journaling part.... a slight creative block :) Also, tonight I start a running program that I've signed up with our Parks & Rec program.... tad nervous about that. Tried running before & hated it -- but alas, I will try again. I keep telling me maybe I was doing something wrong & having an instructor by my side will be beneficial and not completely humiliating :) While I'm running I'll think... "when this is over I can scrapbook... " hahaha. Motivation is everything - at least that's what "they" say ~ wish me luck!

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