Saturday, January 20, 2007

Scrappin' Weekend!

Ahhhh.. the weekend is here. Not without it's challenges. Hubby & I had to go to Victoria to get our passports -- ready for this?! SEVEN HOURS we stood in line. Can you believe that. We were outside in the cold, shivering our little butts off! BRRR!! It wasn't raining though. We stood there wondering if that was a good or bad thing. The rain may have driven some people to leave & made the wait not as long, but would have made the waiting more dreadful I think. We are heading on our cruise in April, so we needed to get them. Even going on Friday, they won't be here until the beginning of March so good thing we went when we did. Not an overly enjoyable way to spend a friday though. 8:30am - 3:30pm in a line up. Ugh. Although we made some great line buddies and chatted the day away :) Should have had my camera!
So today we had a soccer game with my son and then the chores of Saturday (grocery shopping & all that other not so enjoyable stuff).... but then I finally got into my stamp room and finished a page spread I've put together & taken apart a couple of times. It's a very simple (maybe too plain?!) scrapbook page from my Mexican Album that I'm piecing together. Got Day 3 done and now I'll move on to Day 4. I hope to expand my scrappin' skills this year (and get a new camera!!) but I shall enjoy the journey & process of this great craft.


Terri said...

Love them Jen! You've been tagged! See my blog for the scoop!

Alli said...

Lucky you...I tagged you too! Check it out on my blog.