Thursday, January 18, 2007

You R My Sweet Stuff!!

One Day I will take better photos! I saw a great blog on
taking photos of your artwork. Think I need to start asking Santa now for a funky new camera! :) I actually did find some time to get into my stamping space yesterday, between the laundry, the playdates with kids, making supper & doing those dishes! I thought I'd work on my Valentine card for hubby (shhh!). I love the Very Punny Sell-a-bration stamp set. Too cute! I've finally pulled out my bits & pieces from Stampin' Up! It's a great collaboration of tabs, mini folders, pockets.. actually using a pocket on a scrapbook page. I'll post the pages when I'm done as I'm redoing what I originally started with. When a page just ISN'T coming together for me I have to walk away and then go back & *fix* it! Our cruise album is a tough one for me as I want to keep some of the little treasure's we collected along the way so I sometimes think it looks more like an scrapbook *original*. Remember those big 'ol books in school with the newsprint paper that we could glue & paste anything in! I found one a long time ago when my parents gave me my boxes out of their storage from when I was little. Everything from a candy wrapper to a Popsicle stick was in there. Too funny. Guess I started at a young age with wanting to keep memories recorded!!

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