Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How do you Scrap & other ramblings.

I think I've realized why I'm not posting regularly -- I have some idea that each post has to contain a photo -- !? So I'm breaking outta my shell & thought I'd just ramble. No, no I do hope to get into my stampin' room at some point today, but it's been difficult of late to actually get IN there. I've been busy sorting through my stamping/scrappin' supplies so that once I'm in there, sitting, ready to create, I don't have to spend 20 minutes searching for my adhesive or stamp set. Time is precious when me-time is so limited!! I was thinking of doing a scrap page of a typical day or maybe a series of pages of a typically week. Do you journal your scrap ideas? I'm thinking I should start this as I get an idea, but then remember that I'm still beginning my scrappin' of our Mexican Cruise (how fun was that!!) and my kids, and our summer pics, and our house journey.... and soon forgot those little moments I wanted to scrap. I had a fellow stamper (Hi TANIA!!) show me how she sets up her scrapbook & I thought it was such an inventive idea. I'm organized, I love organization - not that I'm great at it by any means, but I love the idea of it! haha. Anyhoo, she has a Christmas Album for example and each year, she adds a page of Christmas to this album. So she can sit and look at Christmas' past all together -- how cool is that? Do you find that you're ALWAYS "behind" in your scrapbooks? I do and I hate that feeling. I think because I have three kids and started scrapbooking only a few years ago I have this idea that I need to go back and start from the beginning. I think a few pages, a truck-load of journaling could accomplish this (I don't have too many photos of then either) and then just scrap the events. What do you do? I consider myself a newbie scraper, but I'll try to post a couple of my pages. Most of my albums are in storage while we build, but I could show you a couple I've been working on from our cruise? We're off to Panama Canal in April so I'd love to have this cruise scrapbooked before we go again. Thanks to SU I'm going again for FREE!! Gotta love that incentive. So drop me a line & tell me about your scrappin' adventures... we'd all love to hear about it :-) Right?

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Alli said...

I LOVE the idea of doing a scrapbook just for Christmas. You are soooo right tho, you almost do feel compeled to go back to day one. I start by scrapping my fav photos in a 6x6 format. It is "do-able" and can be completed relatively quickly. I will often write a little journal note about the page and just tuck it in behind. When I am ready to do the BIG page ( I ever ready?)then I can do it relatively quickly (the whole progressive scrapbooking thing) Sometimes I even find that a 6x6 album works just fine too. The key is organizing your photos, gathering your materials and just sitting down to do it. I try and get to 20 minutes a day. That seems like a small amount of time but things actually get accomplished. That is often the same way I get to my cards and other projects. I look forward to reading what others have to say too. Great questions.