Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kid's Cards

I did get to sneak back into stampland & get some kids cards done. I think the frogettable set is too cute! Perfect for Kids!! The scans didn't come through as good as they are ;-). I LOVE the watercolor crayons and enjoyed sitting yesterday & stamping. I made each of them a wee bit different. Just annoying that it doesn't come through as nicely on my scans. I was at Costco this afternoon (yeah for ME TIME!!!) and I fell in love with the Canon Rebel XT -- whoa! she's a beauty. OH SANTA!! I think I should ask now as Santa will have some savin' to do. What camera do you use? I'd love to hear input on this one. I've heard great things on the Rebel & my point & shoot digi is a Canon & I quite like it, just doesn't take great, close up photos. Still have a couple cards to finish up on my stamping table... I'll post those once they're done.
Ahhhhhh.... the weekend is here!

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sarah said...

Hi Jen!
I just found a trail back to your site from a blog belonging to a girl in Port Alberni. How are you! Love the blog your house looks great! totally cool that I can catch up with you without even talking to you? or maybe it is creepy? Anyway. gotta go to hockey - 5 games today between 2 kids
take care,