Saturday, August 04, 2007

Can you tell I'm relaxin'!?

What a great summer! We're FINALLY getting some of this hot sunshine that we all love. Of course that also screams COME OUTSIDE AND PLAY (or is that my children?!) so I'm not in on the computer as much and my blog has been left alone to sit! OOPS. I hope you all too are out there, soaking in the sunshine & enjoying life! All that to say I'm MAKING the memories to scrapbook once I find that Me-Time again (A.K.A. BACK TO SCHOOL! LOL). Check out a great site Purple Onion Designs She's got some great sets in there (unmounted though) and Michele is great to deal with. A lot of her sets are seen in Creating Keepsakes magazine. So you may not see TOO many projects on here over the next few weeks, but hopefully I'll get a few done up. I've got some yummy recipes to share with you too. :)

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