Friday, August 31, 2007

The End of August & Fruit Flies

August is {almost} officially done. September is a big month with our move (honestly saying it "OUT LOUD" won't jinx it will it?!) into the new house, school starting (is it wrong I'm SO excited about this!), and hopefully *finally* pulling out my stamping purchases throughout the summer to PLAY! With painting far too much, making too many decisions -- who knew I needed to decide the color of my GROUT. I just never pay attention to these small details... well I used to not! Now I check it out everywhere depending on which decision I need to make! LOL) I'm really needing some play time! Don't you find you're a better Mommy, better spouse, better friend, better PERSON when you get a little time of refreshing! I certainly do & have really been realizing how I haven't had too much of that these days/months. It'll be the first year all the babes are in school FULL time.... should be interesting. I daydream I'll have a clean, sparkling house....the laundry will be done -- including the folding!!.... I'll be smiling along as I push the grocery cart through the isles and hear the mom's with tired kids who hate shopping & remember those yesteryears..... my flowers will all bloom in my beautiful garden, my kids will always be happy....ahhhhh.... OK, OK.... so I'm dreaming!!! ;-) Sounds nice though doesn't it.

OK, so you're wondering about the "fruit flies" part of my title aren't you. Those of you who are squeamish may want to scroll down and check out other posts or some photos.... We eat TONS of fruit in this house and have noticed those annoying & pesky FRUIT FLIES! Grrrr. For some reason they are BAD this year. So... after a little google search I found a solution & boy are my kids excited about this little "science experiment". Grab yourself a jar or cup. Put a couple chunks of banana in the bottom of it. Put a piece of cling wrap tightly over the top (I even used a rubberband around it -- did NOT want those critters getting out!). Using a nice, SHARP pencil, pop a few (5-6) holes in the top & set it out on your countertop (or under your sink near your garbage can if that's where they are). Watch the magic happen. Gone are the days of you swinging & clapping your hands together only to find that the little bug got away! How are they SO fast when my hands are SO MUCH bigger than they are? This morning my little boy ran into my bedroom, glass in hand, so excited about ALL the fruitflies in there. I tried to open one eye and show some enthusiasm at the early hour it was & then we both agreed to leave it a little longer to see if we could collect more. OH MY GOODNESS.... JOB WELL DONE! If you're not into killing the flies (as is the case with my oldest daughter.. how dare we kill ANY creature!) you can simply go outside & release them. Just make sure you're in your neighbours yard, you certainly wouldn't want them flying back into your house after all your work catching them!



Quilt Nut said...

i am very excited about school starting too! our youngest starts K this year so not much different than preschool but i can not wait until that first morning when the house is silent except for me!

kellycats said...

okay, took your advice. I poked 5-6 holes on top with a sharp pencil, but those little critters got out. Grrr....