Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A house update.

This is the front corner of the house. So exciting to see the siding go up!

Here's the back end of the house. Not a full on shot, but you get an idea.

The garage side. We have a double bay and a single bay, both of which were extended in length so we can get our big truck in there!

One of my favorite rooms - the kitchen! At this moments it's my most unhappy spot as the cabinet man didn't put in the countertops I asked for & took it upon himself to dress them up to his liking. Which of course is TOTALLY not my style, hubby is away and this is causing me great stresses. Frustrating that he (Mr. Cabinet man) didn't make a 2 minute phone call and ASK me before going ahead and doing the whole kitchen AND 5 of the 8 bathrooms (I know, I know CRAZY on the bathrooms!! - only 3 are FULL bathrooms.) See now I feel the need to explain this crazy 'ol house. It's much bigger than we need (obviously) and our plan is to sell (I'd love to enjoy it for a year or two first though!! Too much blood, sweat & tears in this baby!!). We have an ensuite which is a full bathroom, then there's a full bathroom upstairs. The girls share a full bathroom as well. Then the three kids have their own vanity area off their room -- ok, tricky to explain and seeing as my hubby designed the house I can't really pull up the plans. For example a bedroom upstairs will have something that looks like an ensuite and it will just be a sink & vanity area and from there you would walk through to their walk in closet. Yes they EACH have their own walk in closet. Like I said crazy! Hopefully we'll sell high and be able to build a home for normal people! LOL.

Here's a bit of a back shot. We pulled out all the outside toys to set up an area for Sarah to play while I paint, paint, paint. And I thought I didn't like cleaning bathrooms!!!

This shot it taken from the upstairs *landing*. It's all open with a full vault ceiling. Not the best angle...

Pretty soon I'll be able to take some inside shots. Tile starts to be laid on Wednesday (yes, I'll be picking that out TODAY!!). I hate making decisions, so maybe it'll come easier knowing I HAVE TO PICK THEM NOW type of thing. And I hope my cabinet guy will replace all my countertops in the next week too (although he's NOT happy about it -- guess that makes two of us!)
So a little update for you on my main reason I've lost some stampin' time! :) There's a dim light at the end of the tunnel and we hope to be sometime in September. WHEW!


kellycats said...

8 BATHROOMS....I haven't even read the rest of the post as I can't get over having 8 BATHROOMS in your house. Happy cleaning...

Jennifer said...

OK, so technically there's an ensuite, mudroom bathroom, and powder room on the main floor. Then upstairs there's a main bathroom, joshua's vanity area, sarah & megan's vanity area which is joined by a tub & toilet room. Make better sense? So only 5 toilets... LOL -- ONLY! Now I'm takin' crazy!!!