Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Question for you to answer to help me out :)

WOW, it has been awhile since I posted. We went away for another week of holiday time & been madly working on the house (we hope to move in 3 weeks!!!!!) SO exciting & stressful as there's still SO MUCH to do. I must say I miss stamping as it's been awhile since I've been able to slip in & create. Pretty soon it'll be time for me to pack up my stampin' goodies. I won't be able to have everything out at first as we'll be working on our wood floors -- so here's a question for you. IF you knew you could only have a few boxes of stampin' supplies for the next few months... what would be MUST HAVES!!! :)
Looking forward to hearing your advice :)

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Anne said...

Now that's tough!!
I think I would throw in a few new stamp sets, some ink spots (take less space), cs, pp, a variety of embellishments and cutters. Okay, I think I would have some pretty big boxes, but then again you didn't say what size. lol
Have fun moving and finishing up your house, it looks beautiful!!